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The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion
Your Donations

Your Donations

Ophthalmology is a very equipment dependent speciality, both in the outpatient department and in the operating theatres and treatment rooms.


Ophthalmic equipment is extremely expensive, and as it is very heavily used, requires regular renewal. At present prices the medical equipment in the Eye Pavilion would cost over £2,000,000 to replace, and since 1984 when a charitable fund was set up for the Eye Pavilion, equally, around this amount of money has been kindly donated to us.

What We Do with Your Money

Donations to Eyecare have enabled staff to participate in many activities not funded by the NHS including Medical Stem Cell Research; ‘Healthy Life’ sessions for Eye Pavilion staff and Doctors, Nurses and Medical Photographers have been funded to attend conferences and courses providing invaluable experience and collaboration opportunities.


Your donations also enable us to buy extra specialised equipment that would otherwise be unavailable to us, like the STRATUSOCT™ - a diagnostic imaging device that provides direct, cross-sectional images of the retina for objective measurement and subjective clinical evaluation in the detection of glaucoma and retinal diseases. The STRATUSOCT™ images and analyzes macular thickness, the retinal nerve fiber layer and the optic disc using the latest technology for high resolution scans in unprecedented detail, enabling real time non-invasive histology of live tissue.


Your donations have funded the installation of new digital televisions and radios for Wards and Outpatient departments and your donations are currently funding new Information Systems that are being developed to demonstrate common procedures and treatments in the form of video displays that will be available to patients in the hospital.

The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion
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The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion provides specialist care for the treatment and management of diseases and conditions affecting the eye and eyesight. Its high quality services include an Acute Referral Clinic, three theatres and two day care wards.
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The Friends' Eyecare Fund is administered by the Lothian Health Board Endowment Fund (Edinburgh & Lothians Health
Foundation) which is recognised as a charity by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator SC 007342